About Me

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According to my mother I made my first piece of jewelry when I was 4 years old and I have loved everything about adornment ever since. I am inspired by courage, kindness, leaps of faith, passion and beauty. I am self-taught and am driven to create. The process of coming up with new designs is what keeps me excited about what I do. The ideas for my original designs come from within, sometimes in complete picture-images and often in unexpected detours. My jewelry is created only by me with gemstones, pearls and the highest quality sterling silver.

Prior to recognizing my need to create as a profession, I had a career in the corporate world and another in the human rights field. When the inevitable burn-out hit me hard, it was time to work with women in another way by creating beautiful pieces to lift spirits and bring comfort where needed.

Alison Designs was formed in 2000 in Connecticut. Many of my pieces are one of a kind and I make each one of them lovingly. My work can be found at Art & Craft Shows throughout New England and boutiques as well as my best friends’ jewelry boxes.

Through meditation and intuition, I choose specific materials to create customized pieces to celebrate life’s most precious moments as well as to be worn daily. I love to create pieces that match your vision for that special occasion including weddings.

I offer customized options for special celebrations, occasions or memory-making moments.


Alison Designs can be found at some of New England’s favorite fairs and art shows. See a listing of shows on the calendar below to find an exhibition of Alison Designs Jewelry near you!

Wear what brings you joy