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    One of a Kind!

    Cultured Teardrop Pearls


    Jumbo teardrop cultured pearls are topped with ornate Thai silver flowers and beads.  They are securely held in place with the strong headpin.  Long sterling hook ear wires allow the pearls to move and reflect colors of whatever you are wearing.  All silver is sterling.  One-of-a-kind!  These are not light weight.  Angel artwork in the…

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    One of a Kind!

    Curved Silver


    These Thai silver pieces are slightly curved and are embossed with beautiful detail.  They are connected to another Thai silver bead with 22-gauge sterling and the lever back ear wire.  These are medium weight, not light but not heavy.  All silver is sterling.  One-of-a-kind!

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    Daisy & Hammered Silver


    Shiny hammered silver dangles from daisy spacer beads and are attached to the lever back ear wire.  Very lightweight.  All silver is sterling.  These are 2″ long from the top of the ear wire.

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    One of a Kind!

    Delicate Baroque Pearl Necklace


    This is a lightweight feminine design featuring a cultured white baroque pearl and sterling silver chain and toggle.  The pearl is 3/4″ long and 1/2″ wide.  The design shown is 22″ long around the neck and the pearl drop falls 1 3/4″ from the toggle.  This is a piece that you can wear with anything…

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    One of a Kind!

    Dendrite Opal


    The metaphysical meaning of Dendrite Opal is that it can bring the clarity and perspective that we need to grow in life.  This gemstone is bezel set in sterling and joined to a sterling open-work piece. A glistening faceted moonstone sits on top. The chain is a diamond-cut rolo style and ends with a 7mm…

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    Dendrite Opal & Black Spinel


    Dendrite opal pendant set in sterling is joined to 2 strands of sterling wrapped black spinel gemstones.  A cultured pearl gathers the strands together to join to the antiqued sterling chain. This finishes with a 7mm spring ring clasp. All silver is sterling.  One-of-a-kind!

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    One of a Kind!

    Dendrite Opal Teardrops


    Gorgeous dendrite opal gemstones are set in sterling silver. Mined in Australia, they have dendritic inclusions that look like ferns. These inclusions are made of different metallic oxides, like iron or manganese. The colors range from black to gray and white. The stones are 1″ long and 1/2″ wide. Sterling ear wires in a long…

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    One of a Kind!

    Denim Lapis Chandeliers


    Denim lapis is bezel set in sterling silver and attached to an ornate sterling chandelier piece.  Small 3mm faceted lapis gemstones compliment the large teardrop perfectly.  These are not heavy.  The lever back ear wire keeps these securely in place.  All silver is sterling.  One-of-a-kind!

  • Denim Lapis Earrings


    These are 10mm round lapis gemstones with a smooth polish. They are topped with a Turkish sterling bead cap and drop 1″ down from the leverback earwires. All silver is sterling. These are not heavy.

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    One of a Kind!



    Thai silver dragonfly on long sterling hook ear wire.  These drop down 1 1/2″ and are lightweight. All silver is sterling.  Dragonflies are loved for their symbolism of transformation.  Only one pair available!

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    Dragonfly & Lapis


    Faceted lapis gemstones are a true navy blue and have tiny flecks of gold pyrite within the stones.  An antiqued sterling dragonfly sits above.  Dragonflies symbolize transformation and bring comfort to loved ones.  These are super lightweight and drop down 1 1/2″ from the top of the ear wire.  All silver is sterling.  Only one…

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    Dragonfly & Pearls


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    One of a Kind!

    Dragonfly Garden


    Dragonflies are often cherished for their symbolism of transformation and are seen as messengers.  This Thai silver dragonfly is 1″ long and 3/4″ wide.  An etched flower sits on the other side creating more asymmetry and interest.  Shiny silver, Thai silver and Bali silver comprise this whimsical design.  This measures 18 1/2″ long and can…

  • Emerald Green Cascade


    A goddess statement piece.

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    Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet


    Gorgeous Amazonite gemstones are a rich turquoise blue in an 8mm round size.  The sterling Om Symbol is a sacred symbol in meditation and spiritual practices.  Apply your favorite essential oil to the absorbent porous white pumice beads.  Sterling accent beads are Thai silver.  This stretch bracelet is on 1mm heavy duty cord and should…

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    Etched Leaves


    Curved and etched Thai silver leaves are casual and lightweight enough to wear every day.  These are joined to a stamped Thai bead with 22-gague sterling wire.  Lever back ear wires are secure.  All silver is sterling.